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War, Revolution and Reconstruction in Europe (1914-1929) Term Paper

War, Revolution and Reconstruction in Europe (1914-1929) - Term Paper ExampleThe protests, revolutions, and the end of World War 1 will also be depicted and a concluding remark will summarize the content of the whole sections of the paper. The Impact of War in Europe The collapse of four empires, Germany, Russia, Austria-Hungary, and Ottoman, was the total impact of fighting on all fronts in Europe. Because of the war, the Treaty of Versailles was laid to settle potential problems and conflicts for the twentieth century. The treaty’s primary purpose was to establish and maintain peace and order, political and economic stability, and to ensure justice for all concerned. Also, the League of Nations was formed to promote global cooperation and attain international peace and order. However, Germany was unsatisfied with the treaty. The whole war was blamed to Germans and they were expected to pay for all the damage they caused.

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